How to make $30 daily using you Android phone

So like me you have thought to yourself, how can i make money online on my free time? Well if you are here you are in the right place.

Today we are going to be talk about how to make some extra cash using your smartphone in particular, your Android phone. In this post we are going to focus on using the Getgc platform. Getgc is a platform that lets you make money by completing simple tasks with earns you point which you can redeem.

Without further ado here are the steps to start making money with Getgc

Step 1

Download the Getgc app on you phone. Getgc (by using this link you get 50p on signup)

Getgc homepage

Step 2

Install the App on your phone from the App store

Install getgc app

Step 3

After installing the Getgc app, click the open button then sign up using your email.

Step 4

Once you sign up you complete simple task on the platform such as survey, mail list sign up, install and run app etc, until you earn enough points.

Then you redeem your points by click on any of the listed redeem option

Redeem getgc points

After redeeming your point you redo the process and just keep making money online.

To make this a more passive system you can start refering more people and make 25% of there earnings.

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