How to save whatsapp story status

Good day my lovely readers.

Have you ever wanted to save your WhatsApp status pictures and videos? I think this post is for you.

Sometimes you love a picture you found on your WhatsApp status and you will like save it.


1. Make sure you have seen or watched the person’s status.

2. Now go to your file manager.

3. Go to WhatsApp folder.

4. Now before then go to options on your file manager, this is usually a three doted points at the top right of the file manager or down left depending on your phone.

5. Click on it and tap on *Show hidden files* or enable show hidden files.

6. After that move to the next step.

7. As you are in your WhatsApp folder. Go to media>>Status and you will see all your watched WhatsApp status.

8. Now copy all of them and move them to your desired destination because it will be deleted after 24hrs.

You have successfully saved your WhatsApp status pics and videos.

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